Deadly October

Deadly October 2018

by Bryan Follins

AP TOP TEN going into October, for what it is worth

@ denotes away games

  1. Alabama: Oct 6th@Arkansas, Oct 13th Missouri, Oct 20th@Tennessee

  2. Georgia: Oct 6th Vanderbilt, Oct 13th @LSU, Oct 27 Florida (neutral site)

  3. Ohio State: Oct 6th Indiana, Oct 13th Minnesota, Oct 20th@Purdue

  4. Clemson: Oct 6th@Wake Forest, Oct 20th North Carolina State, Oct 27th@Florida State

  5. LSU: Oct 6th@Florida, Oct 13th Georgia, Oct 20th Mississippi State

  6. Notre Dame: Oct 6th@Virginia Tech, Oct 13th Pitt, Oct 27th Navy

  7. Oklahoma: Oct 6th Texas (neutral site), Oct 20th@TCU, Oct 27th Kansas State

  8. Auburn: Oct 6th@Mississippi State, Oct 13th Tennessee, Oct 20th@Mississippi

  9. West Virginia: Oct 6th Kansas, Oct 13th@Iowa State, Oct 25th Baylor

  10. Washington: Oct 6th@UCLA, Oct 13th@Oregon, Oct 20th Colorado, Oct 27th@Cal

Welcome to Deadly October. Who will survive as the shadow of Deadly October once again, sets over the fields of college football? Who will come out of Deadly October smelling like a rose? Who will come out of Deadly October looking, and smelling like roadkill, when the rubber hits the road?

Alabama and West Virginia appear to have the paths of least resistance through Deadly October. However, things are not what they appear to be in Deadly October. A key injury here, a big play there, can change the whole course of a season for a team. A squad may start playing well, coming out of nowhere, or a team may fade.

Who are the frauds of the early college football season? We will find out in the next three weeks. It has been a wild September in college football. Will things settle down? Don’t bet on it. The party, or nightmare, is only just beginning.

Will the current AP top ten look the same in the first week of November? Do not count on it. Fasten the seat belts and get ready for the wild ride

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