Live It's Saturday Night!

Note: This is NOT a politically correct article. It in no way reflects the opinion of the Sincity Tigers Las Vegas Alumni Association, or anyone else, only the person writing it. This article will be in first, third, and any kind of person you want to call it. It may not even be grammatically correct. With all that being said, let us begin.

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First, I would like to state that I have never seen such insanity, schizophrenia, megalomania, and delusional behavior as I have seen in the Tiger Nation over the last month. I mean, really folks. It was like people should have been required to go through the NFL's concussion protocol. It has been like watching one of those old Saturday Night Live shows from the 1970’s.

Live, From The Tiger Nation It’s Saturday Night!!

The lost to Alabama. This was the starting point. Actually this was not the starting point. It was the repeated losses to Alabama. Anyone who has followed LSU football for at least the past 40 years knows that Charles McCLendon, the winningest coach in LSU history, was fired primarily for his lack of success against Alabama. The recent lost to Alabama, and how they lost to Alabama stoked those fires.

How did Einstein define insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Mr. Einstein never coached football, but he was a pretty bright guy nonetheless.

Of course, another form of insanity is believing someone who does the same thing over and over again is going to change.

The Arkansas game. Things were so bad people were leaving Tiger stadium like it was a bomb scare. Were these the same folks at the Texas A&M game? The same folks feeling all warm and sentimental about the LSU head football coach??

Live It’s Saturday Night!

The Ole Miss game. The Tigers were down 24-0 before you could blink an eye. At this point the game was over. Of course it really was not over. However if a team runs basically the same six plays every game, and the opponent knows this, then the game is over. Get the tar and feathers ready, right?? Let the shark feeding frenzy begin. Of course there was a better word for it. Mania.

Definition of mania: Mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.

Synonyms: madness, derangement, lunacy, dementia, lunacy, psychosis, and mental illness.

It’s like listening to Congress.

Live It’s Saturday Night!

The Texas A&M game. We finally found a team that was having more problems than us. So, we ran basically the same six plays, missed some field goals, were late getting plays in (what else is new?) and we won the game. If you listened to some media types, it was a Vince Lombardi masterpiece. “The Hat pulls it out,” “Tigers win a thriller.” Are you kidding me???

Mania. (Note, mania can affect media types too.)

Live It’s Saturday Night!

So the Texas A&M game was the decisive factor as to whether there was going to be a new head football coach at LSU? If so, Tiger faithful, we are in deep trouble. Maybe it was not the Texas A&M game, maybe it was the fact that Jimbo Fisher did not want the LSU job. So if Jimbo Fisher was the deciding factor of why there was not a coaching change, Tiger faithful, we are in trouble. There are a few other coaches floating around out there, who may wind up in the SEC next year (see Missouri and South Carolina), who may do some damage.

How did the Texas A&M game really change anything? Did we really look any different against Texas A&M than we looked against Alabama, Arkansas, or Ole Miss?

So Les Miles is a good guy and a good coach. But, is he getting paid over four million dollars a year to be a good guy and a good coach? It reminded me once, when I talked with an ex-LSU baseball player, who played for Skip Bertman. I asked him what was it like to play for Bertman. He said it was like playing for Satan. He liked it, but it was like playing for Satan. Did he mean Bertman was an evil human being? No. What he meant was Bertman was a perfectionist, a hard driving individual who expected nothing Les, er that is nothing less from himself and his players. The results speak for themselves. Of course, he could have settled for one national championship, but that was not in his nature. Good was not enough. Great was the pinnacle. Sometimes you have to have some Satan in you if you want to keep reaching the pinnacle.

So if the type of performance against Texas A&M is satisfactory, what does that tell us about the people who could have made a change?? Moreover, was the game plan against A&M one that looked like the last act of a desperate man? Did it look like one of someone wanting to adjust, or who was capable of changing? Or did it look like someone who knew everything would be good with a regular ol’ win. Or, to make another point, was the performance against A&M good enough to beat Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan State?

Of course some of us are saying give the coach another year, especially with the recruiting class coming in. This logic is flawed. What about the talent on the team right now? While some of us pay close attention to the offense. What about the defense? Last year, despite a slow start, LSU finished ninth in the nation in total defense, and first in the SEC in run defense. This year they are 25th in the nation in total defense, and fourth in the SEC in run defense. Not bad, but not like it used to be. This is with basically the same players that were on the defense last year.

So, what is happening with, or too the talent we already have?

Some of us are saying Miles need to get rid of some of his coaches. This logic is flawed. You can get rid of the coaches, but if the new coaches are told to do the same old thing, what difference does it make?


Some say it is the quarterback. How many four star quarterbacks are going to get thrown under the bus? What happens to these kids when they get to Tigertown?? Blame the quarterback? This logic is flawed.

A lot of coaches are obstinate. Les Miles is no exception They have to be obstinate to implement their programs. Sometimes you can be too obstinate for your good. Les Miles is no exception here either.

Let us consider Urban Meyer, the Ohio State coach, who has won three national championships. Ohio State’s only loss in the regular season was to Michigan State. This was a loss which knocked Ohio State out of contention for the national title. Immediately after the game, Ezekiel Elliot, a pretty good running running back, who left his footprints all over Alabama’s faces in last year’s national semi-final football game, called Meyer out. He questioned the play calling in the game. He also announced he was leaving OSU for the NFL after the season.

This drew a venomous response from the media. All of it was aimed at Elliot.

As a matter of fact, how often do we ever hear of the media calling out a coach, an athletic director, or on the pro level, calling out a coach, general manager, or an owner?

How dare Elliot question his coach. Who was he to make those statements, especially in public, about his coach?

But something happened. Meyer admitted the play calling was not good, and he met with Elliot. This is not to say Elliot should have used better judgement. But Meyer did some adjusting. The result was an Ohio State demolishing of Michigan at Michigan. Even though Ohio State is out of the championship, they have a good possibility of winning twelve games. Meyer adjusted. It’s good to be obstinate, but it is also good to know how and when to adjust.

On Saturday night Miles got a big endorsement from Leonard Fournette, which is good. But one has to wonder what Fournette was thinking when getting piled on by tons of Alabama beef about a month ago.

Les Miles is a good guy, and he is no fool. He is a good coach, but not a great one. He can still be a great one, but he does not have to be if he does not want to be. That is up to him. He has LSU over a barrel, not vice versa. Anyway it goes, LSU will have to pay him, whether through a buy out, or whether he is allowed to finish his contract. He will be one of the richest men in the state of Louisiana. No wonder Bobby Jindal gave him an endorsement.

A good coach, just like a good worker, is going to do his job. A great coach, like a great worker, is going to go above and beyond, because that is how greatness is accomplished. More importantly, to be great, you have to be capable of going above and beyond. Sometimes you might even have to be a little like Satan.

Live, from Tigertown, it’s Saturday Night!

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